19 July 2024

The Old Farm

Once upon a time, in a cozy village hugged by gentle hills and a whispering forest, two brothers named Hans and Friedrich called an ancient farm their home. This farm, with its creaky gates and sun-kissed fields, had been in their family for ages. As simple as it might have been, this place was their slice of paradise.

The Mysterious Iron Stove

During a brisk autumn afternoon, while tidying up the barn, Hans and Friedrich uncovered something extraordinary. Hidden under a dusty blanket of hay, they found an iron stove. But this wasn’t just any stove; it was cloaked in mystery, adorned with odd symbols, and seemed to hum with a magic unknown.

The Wise Old Woman

After discovering the iron stove, Hans and Friedrich wasted no time. Off they went, across dew-kissed fields, to seek wisdom from their grandmother. Her cottage, cozy and wrapped in the scent of herbs, welcomed them with open arms.

Upon seeing the stove, her eyes sparkled with recognition. “Ah, symbols of the ancient Magi, bearers of deep magic,” she whispered, tracing the symbols with a frail finger. “Legends speak of this stove’s power to grant a singular wish to those pure of heart.”

The Magical Properties

Grandmother’s words hung in the air, thick with mystery and promise. Hans and Friedrich exchanged wide-eyed glances, their minds racing with possibilities. “Imagine,” said Friedrich, voice quivering with excitement, “what we could do with such a wish.”

“But beware,” their grandmother cautioned, “for magic this powerful comes but once. Choose your wish wisely.” Her warning echoed in their minds as they pondered over what they truly desired.

A Selfless Wish

Night fell, and the brothers sat under a blanket of stars, contemplating their grandmother’s advice. Friedrich dreamt aloud of adventures and treasures, but Hans remained silent, lost in thought.

As the first light of dawn painted the sky, Hans made his decision. With a heart full of love for his brother, he spoke his wish to the iron stove, “Let me bring joy to Friedrich, grant him a flock of sheep to cherish.”

And so, with a heart as warm as the summer breeze, Hans chose a path that would forever change their lives, sealing their fate with the magic of the iron stove.

The Flock of Sheep

On waking up, Friedrich rubbed his eyes, thinking he was still dreaming. Outside, a flock of sheep milled about, their coats as white as snowflakes against the green of the pasture. “Hans! Look!” he exclaimed, racing to his brother’s side. Hans smiled, his heart full, knowing his wish had brought this joy to Friedrich.

The Brothers’ Bond

Days turned into weeks, and Hans and Friedrich found joy in their daily tasks. Feeding the sheep, shearing wool, and laughing together under the wide-open sky, their brotherly love was a beacon of warmth and joy. Sharing stories by the fire, with the iron stove quietly crackling beside them, they never forgot the magic that had changed their lives.

The Legacy

Years passed, and the story of the iron stove and the wish that brought a flock of sheep became a favorite tale among the villagers. Children would listen, wide-eyed, as Hans and Friedrich recounted their adventure. And in the heart of their tale was a simple, powerful message: true magic lies in acts of kindness and brotherly love.

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