18 July 2024

Born in the Bullrings of Spain

Once upon a time, under the bright sun of Spain, there was a little bull named Ferdinand. Unlike his friends who dreamed of glory in the bullrings, Ferdinand had a different dream.

Discovering His Passion

What Ferdinand loved most was to sit quietly and smell the beautiful roses. Under his favorite cork tree, he’d spend hours, lost in the sweet fragrance, feeling happier than ever.

Captured by the Matadors

But one day, while Ferdinand was enjoying his peaceful moments, matadors searching for the fiercest bulls spotted him. Before he knew it, Ferdinand was taken far from his beloved cork tree and roses, into a world he didn’t understand.

The Long Journey

Ferdinand, whisked far from the comfort of his meadow, embarked on a journey packed with sights and sounds foreign to his ears and eyes. Rolling hills turned into bustling streets, and the sweet scent of flowers was replaced by a myriad of new aromas. Among the travelers and creatures he met, each carried tales and wisdom from corners of the world that Ferdinand had only ever dreamed about.

The Surprising Encounters

One afternoon, under the shade of an ancient oak, Ferdinand’s path crossed with a tortoise, old as the cobblestones lining the city’s streets. With a voice as slow and deliberate as his steps, the tortoise imparted wisdom about staying true to one’s heart, despite the world’s attempts to lead astray. Not long after, a lively band of mice scurried up, their laughter piercing the solemn air. They danced and played, urging Ferdinand to forget his worries for a moment and find joy even in uncertainty.

Arrival at the Bullfight

As the city’s grand arena loomed ahead, Ferdinand’s heart grew heavy. The air buzzed with anticipation, and the distant roar of the crowd felt like thunder on a clear day. Yet, with the tortoise’s words echoing in his mind and the light-hearted spirit of the mice warming his heart, Ferdinand stepped into the arena. There, amidst the clamor and the crowd, he found a strength he didn’t know he had: the courage to be himself, no matter what awaited.

The Bullfight

Bright and early, Ferdinand found himself at the center of attention, standing in the middle of the arena. All around him, cheers and shouts filled the air, but inside, Ferdinand felt as calm as a quiet morning. He looked around, searching not for foes but for that familiar comfort he yearned for amidst the chaos.

The matador, decked out in a dazzling costume, stepped forward, cape in hand, expecting Ferdinand to charge with all his might. Yet, Ferdinand did nothing of the sort. Instead, he spotted a single rose dropped by a spectator, its scent reaching him, reminding him of his beloved meadow. So he did what came naturally to him; he walked over and gently sniffed the rose, ignoring the matador’s attempts to provoke him.

The Unexpected Outcome

The arena fell silent, eyes wide as spectators watched the scene unfold. The matador, confused and a bit frustrated, tried harder to get Ferdinand’s attention, waving his red cape more vigorously. But Ferdinand, uninterested in the matador’s antics, spotted something else that caught his eye.

With a gentle trot, Ferdinand moved towards the edge of the arena where, to everyone’s surprise, a small cork tree had been placed as part of the decorations. In a show of strength and passion, Ferdinand did not charge at the matador but instead at the tree, breaking it apart with his horns. As the tree splintered, roses hidden within its branches were freed, swirling around Ferdinand in a fragrant, colorful cloud.

The Triumph of Ferdinand

This unexpected act of rebellion against the fight and a return to his true nature won over the crowd. Whispers turned into cheers, not for the fight they expected, but for the peace Ferdinand represented. The matador, now with a smile of respect, approached Ferdinand, not with a sword, but with a hand extended in peace.

In the days that followed, Ferdinand’s act of peace became the talk of the town, inspiring songs, stories, and even changes in the hearts of those who had once cheered for the battles. Ferdinand was led back to his meadow, the place where he was happiest, under his cork tree, surrounded by roses.

There, Ferdinand spent his days in bliss, his story a testament to the power of staying true to oneself, no matter the roar of the crowd or the expectations of society. His peaceful nature and love for the simple joys of life continued to inspire all who heard his tale, proving that true bravery comes not from the battles we fight but from the peace we choose.

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