19 July 2024

Setting the Scene

In the heart of the mountains, there was a big problem. A train was needed to cross over to the other side, but it wasn’t just any trip. This journey was steep, filled with twists and turns, and not for the faint-hearted. Unfortunately, all the larger engines, with their shiny coats and loud whistles, refused the task. They said it was too hard, too risky, and certainly not worth their effort.

Introducing the Little Engine

Then, there was the Little Engine. Unlike its much larger cousins, this engine was small, its paint not as shiny, and its whistle not as loud. But what it lacked in size and appearance, it made up for with a heart as big as the mountains it faced. Despite its small frame, the Little Engine believed in its ability to overcome any obstacle, no matter how steep or challenging.

The Challenge

The Stranded Train

On one particularly sunny day, a train full of toys and sweet treats found itself stuck at the bottom of the hill. This train wasn’t like others; it was special, carrying joy and happiness for kids far on the other side of the mountains. The larger engines, upon hearing of this stranded train, merely shook their heads. “Too steep for us,” they said, unwilling to attempt the climb.

The Little Engine’s Offer

It was then that the Little Engine stepped forward. “I’ll give it a try,” it said, puffing out its chest as much as a small engine can. The others laughed and doubted, but the Little Engine paid no mind. Determined to prove its worth, it volunteered to help the stranded train, believing that size wasn’t everything.

The Journey

Preparing for the Climb

With a huff and a puff, the Little Engine started to prepare for the big climb. “I think I can, I think I can,” it chanted, filling itself with determination. While gathering steam, our brave Engine also gathered its focus, knowing well this was no small feat.

“Need all the courage I can muster,” it whispered to itself. Nearby, friends from the railway pitched in with words of encouragement. “You’ve got this!” cheered a wise, old caboose. Even the sun seemed to shine a bit brighter, as if to light the Engine’s path.

The Uphill Battle

At first, the climb was just as tough as imagined. The Little Engine puffed harder, wheels spinning with effort, yet progress was slow. “I think I can, I think I can,” it kept repeating, a mantra against the steep slope.

Then, from the trees and bushes, a chorus of support emerged. Birds tweeted melodious encouragement. Squirrels chattered positive vibes. Even a bear paused its honey feast to roar, “You can do it!” All their voices blended into a symphony of support, pushing the Little Engine to chug harder, to not give up.

Reaching the Summit

With one final, monumental effort, the Little Engine reached the summit. Its “I think I can” turned into a triumphant “I knew I could!” Cheers erupted from the train full of toys and treats, relief and joy mingling in the air.

Looking back at the climb, our brave Engine could hardly believe it had made it. But the smiles on every toy and treat’s face, the laughter echoing around, provided all the confirmation needed. “We did it, thanks to you,” they sang, their voices a melody of gratitude.

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