19 July 2024


Once upon a time, in a quiet little village, lived a kind and patient man. Everyone knew him as the bald man because, well, his head was as shiny as a polished apple. Every day, he would sit by his window, watching the world go by. He loved observing the bustling village life, the children playing in the distance, and the birds soaring in the sky.

The Arrival of the Fly

One sunny morning, as the bald man sat by his usual spot near the window, a pesky fly began buzzing around. This wasn’t the first time the fly had visited, but today, it seemed more determined to annoy the man. With a gentle hand, he tried to shoo it away, but his smooth head provided no obstacle for the fly’s antics.

As the day went on, the fly grew bolder, darting close enough to whisper teases in the man’s ear. “Can’t catch me,” it seemed to laugh, flying in tight circles around his head. Despite the irritation, the man’s patience never waned. He understood that anger would solve nothing, so he simply smiled and continued with his day, thinking of a peaceful solution to his little problem.

The Bald Man’s Persistence

The Plan

One bright morning, as the sun peeked through the curtains, our patient friend got an idea that sparkled with cleverness. “What if,” he thought, “I can catch this fly without hurting a single hair on its head—well, if it had any hairs, that is!” With a twinkle in his eye, he set to work. Near the window where sunbeams danced, he placed a large bowl. Into this bowl, he poured crystal-clear water, and atop that, he scattered slices of sweet fruit. Apples, pears, and a bit of banana made a tempting display. “This’ll surely catch that cheeky fly’s attention,” he murmured, a smile spreading across his face.

The Trap

Days passed, and our friend didn’t let impatience get the better of him. He watched and waited, as the bowl of fruit became an irresistible attraction. Then, one afternoon, as golden sunlight filled the room, the fly, curious and tempted, buzzed closer. It landed on the rim of the bowl, inching towards the fruit. With the stealth of a cat, the bald man slowly approached. Just as the fly touched down on a slice of apple, the man gently placed a large, green leaf over the bowl. “Gotcha!” he whispered, not with triumph but with a gentle kindness. Inside, the fly buzzed in surprise, circling the bowl, now a mini world of its own.

The Reunion

Carefully, our friend carried the bowl outside, his steps light with anticipation. With a gentle hand, he lifted the leaf, freeing the fly into the open air. Instead of buzzing away, the fly circled around the man’s head, a dance of gratitude rather than mockery. From that day on, the fly visited often, but not to taunt. It landed softly on the man’s shiny head, a gesture of newfound friendship. Together, they enjoyed many sunny afternoons, a testament to what patience and kindness can bring. Far from being pests, they became companions, sharing in the quiet joy of each other’s company.

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