19 July 2024

A New Brother

Peter, a typical sixth-grader, buzzed with a mix of excitement and nerves. He was about to become a big brother! Imaginations of playing catch and sharing secrets with his new sibling danced in his head. Yet, whispers of doubt and the unknown tickled the corners of his mind. Would this new brother look up to him? Could he be the superhero in this forthcoming sibling’s story?

The Unexpected Arrival

One brisk morning, much earlier than anyone had marked on the calendar, chaos erupted. Fudge decided to make his grand entrance into the world, and boy, did he! Peter’s initial peek at his brother was nothing short of a whirlwind of emotions. There lay Fudge, tiny, red-faced, and somehow already hinting at a penchant for the unexpected. “This is going to be an adventure,” Peter thought, not fully grasping just how right he was.

First Impressions

The first few days with Fudge were like riding a rollercoaster in the dark. You never knew what was up ahead. From midnight cries that echoed like sirens to sudden, serene smiles that melted hearts, Peter found himself on a constant emotional pivot. One minute, he’d be frustrated at the shrill cries disrupting his dreams, and the next, he’d be giggling at the gurgles and coos that Fudge generously offered. Yes, life with Fudge was proving to be a lively one, indeed.

The First Outing

Venturing out as a family for the first time was an episode all its own. Fudge, in his stroller, already showed signs of a mischievous spirit, grabbing at anything within reach and babbling loudly at passersby. At one point, he managed to snatch a lady’s scarf, leading to an impromptu game of tug-of-war. Mum and Dad exchanged looks of mild embarrassment and amusement, while Peter couldn’t help but laugh. This outing was turning out to be more of an adventure than a simple stroll in the park.

The First Day of School

Peter’s first day of school was one for the books, with Fudge in tow. Trying to act cool in front of his friends, Peter hoped nobody would notice his little brother. But trust Fudge to make an entrance; he dashed through the halls, greeting everyone with a loud “Hi, I’m Fudge!” Embarrassment aside, Peter couldn’t help but laugh at the situation. After all, it’s not every day your brother becomes the school’s celebrity on the first day.

The Classroom Prank

Not long after, Fudge decided school needed a bit more excitement. During art class, he mixed all the paint colors, turning them into a murky shade of gray. Then, with a grin, he proclaimed it a new color: “Fudgeshade!” Chaos ensued as kids discovered their artwork turning into a dull mess. The teacher wasn’t pleased, but she couldn’t stay mad for long at Fudge’s innocent giggle. Peter and Fudge ended up staying late to help clean up, learning a lesson in colors and consequences.

The School Play

The school play became an unexpected hit, thanks to Fudge. Cast as a silent tree, Fudge decided silence wasn’t for him. Mid-performance, he began to dance and make tree noises, much to the audience’s delight. Peter watched, mortified at first, then bursting with pride. Fudge’s improvisation turned the play into a memorable spectacle, reminding Peter that his brother’s creativity was truly something to cherish.

The Bully

Trouble brewed when a bully set his sights on Fudge, teasing him for his playful nature. Peter felt a surge of protectiveness and decided enough was enough. With a clever plan, he showed the bully that picking on others wasn’t cool. Standing up for Fudge brought the brothers closer, and the bully? Well, he learned that kindness beats meanness any day.


Thanksgiving with Fudge was, to put it lightly, an eventful affair. From the moment the turkey hit the oven, Fudge was on a mission to “help” in the kitchen, which, in Fudge language, meant creating a whirlwind of mess. Peter, trying to keep his brother out of trouble, found himself chasing Fudge around, saving ingredients from becoming part of Fudge’s experimental concoctions.

As guests began to arrive, Fudge, adorned in a pilgrim hat he’d crafted from construction paper, declared himself the official greeter. His enthusiastic “Welcome!” paired with an occasional tug on a scarf or two, did bring smiles, amidst the slight chaos he stirred. Dinner itself was a spectacle. Fudge insisted on giving thanks for the most peculiar things, like his rubber duckie and the man on the moon, causing bouts of laughter around the table. When it came time to eat, Fudge’s attempts at using utensils like the grown-ups ended in a splattering of cranberry sauce and a minor gravy flood, much to Peter’s dismay but to the amusement of their relatives.


Christmas preparations were always a big deal, but with Fudge around, they turned into a grand adventure. Deciding on decorations became a series of negotiations, with Fudge wanting to turn the living room into a winter wonderland, complete with snow made from shredded paper. Peter had to step in more than once to prevent the house from being buried in a sea of white.

When it came to picking out a Christmas tree, Fudge’s eyes landed on the biggest one in the lot. After much persuasion, and Fudge’s unwavering belief that it was the perfect tree, they ended up with a towering evergreen that barely fit through the door. Decorating it was another story, with Fudge insisting on hanging his homemade ornaments front and center, each telling a unique, if not entirely comprehensible, story.

Christmas morning was a blur of wrapping paper and excited squeals, especially from Fudge, who found joy in the smallest of things, like the socks Grandma had knitted. Peter watched his brother, seeing the magic of Christmas through Fudge’s eyes, and couldn’t help but feel a warmth spreading in his heart, the kind that only family and the holiday spirit can bring.

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve was always a quiet affair in their household, but with Fudge’s imagination, quiet was not on the agenda. He had decided they needed to throw a party for all his stuffed animals to welcome the New Year. Peter found himself crafting tiny party hats and blowing up balloons for guests who wouldn’t appreciate them as much as Fudge thought they would.

As the clock ticked closer to midnight, their parents set up a mini countdown for Fudge, complete with sparkling juice in plastic champagne flutes. Fudge’s excitement was contagious, his eyes wide as they counted down, “Five, four, three, two, one!” before he erupted into cheers, hugging everyone in sight. His enthusiasm made staying up past his bedtime well worth it, even if his version of “Auld Lang Syne” had its own unique lyrics.

The New Year

Welcoming the new year, the family sat around the breakfast table, sharing their hopes and resolutions. Fudge’s list included learning to tie his shoes and eating more chocolate, both ambitions Peter found endearing and slightly amusing. As they shared and laughed, Peter realized how much Fudge had grown over the past year, not just in height but in how he brought them all closer with his unending energy and unique view of the world.

Reflecting on the year’s adventures, both Peter and his parents agreed that, despite the challenges, having Fudge’s spirit in their lives made everything brighter. They looked forward to the coming year with anticipation, knowing that with Fudge, life was never dull. As they raised their glasses in a toast, Fudge, in his typical fashion, spilled his drink, prompting a family-wide giggle fest. It was a perfect start to the new year, full of laughter, love, and the promise of more misadventures with Fudge.

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