The Magic Mirror is Born

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, there was a queen with a mirror unlike any other. This wasn’t your ordinary mirror; oh no, it was magical! Gifted to her by a powerful enchantress, this mirror could speak and reveal the truth about one’s beauty. The queen cherished it more than anything.

The Wicked Queen’s Desire

Sadly, as years rolled by, the queen noticed her reflection changing. Wrinkles appeared, and her once youthful glow began to dim. Consumed by envy and vanity, she yearned to be the fairest, not just today but forever.

The Birth of Snow White

Joy filled the castle when the queen gave birth to a daughter, Snow White, whose beauty outshone even the brightest star. But joy turned to darkness when the mirror proclaimed Snow White as the fairest of all. Jealousy took root in the queen’s heart, growing into a deep, dark hatred for her own daughter.

The Wicked Queen’s Plot

Realizing her mirror no longer spoke of her as the fairest, the queen’s heart turned colder than a winter storm. She concocted a sinister scheme, whispering to her huntsman, “Take Snow White far into the woods and ensure she never returns.” However, the huntsman’s heart wasn’t made of stone. Instead of following the queen’s cruel order, he let Snow White go, urging her to run and hide.

Snow White’s New Home

Exhausted and scared, Snow White wandered through the dense forest until her weary legs could carry her no further. Just then, she stumbled upon an enchanting little cottage. “Surely, they won’t mind if I rest here for a bit,” she thought. Inside, everything was small but neatly arranged. Seven little beds in a row caught her eye, and she drifted into a peaceful sleep. To her surprise, upon waking, she found herself surrounded by seven dwarfs, each with their own peculiar but kind features. They listened to her tale and offered her sanctuary. “Stay with us,” they said, and so she did, finding joy in their simple, loving home.

The Wicked Queen’s Disguise

Meanwhile, the queen discovered Snow White was still alive. Boiling with rage, she used her dark magic to transform into an old peddler woman. Veiled under her disguise, she approached the dwarfs’ cottage with a basket of apples, one of which held a deadly secret. “Dear child, try this beautiful apple,” she coaxed Snow White, who saw no harm in the kind old lady’s offering. With one bite, Snow White fell to the ground, a victim of the queen’s venomous trick.

The Huntsman’s Redemption

After realizing the mistake he’d made by not protecting Snow White in the first place, the huntsman couldn’t shake off the weight of his guilt. So, he made up his mind to right his wrongs. With determination in his heart, he ventured deep into the forest, following whispers and signs until he stumbled upon the quaint cottage of the dwarfs. There, through a window, he saw Snow White, as still as night, her cheeks pale under the moon’s soft glow. Knowing he had to do something, the huntsman vowed to help guard her and seek a way to break the spell.

The Dwarfs’ Protection

When the dwarfs came trudging home that evening, their hearts sank at the sight of Snow White, motionless and silent. Anger bubbled up within them, their faces turning red as autumn leaves. “We’ll stand by her, come rain or shine,” they declared, their voices firm with resolve. Together with the huntsman, they formed an unbreakable circle of protection around Snow White, each taking turns to watch over her day and night, hoping for a miracle.

The Wicked Queen’s Downfall

Meanwhile, back at the palace, the queen stood before her magic mirror with a smug grin, asking her usual question. But this time, the mirror’s answer was not what she expected. “Snow White still lives, the fairest of them all,” it said, its voice echoing off the walls. Furious and disbelief gripping her heart, the queen plotted another wicked scheme. However, the dwarfs and the huntsman, wise to her ways, were already two steps ahead. With cunning and bravery, they exposed the queen’s evil deeds to the kingdom, leading to her ultimate downfall.

Snow White’s Happily Ever After

Amidst the turmoil, a gentle kiss of true love from the prince stirred Snow White awake. Her eyes fluttered open, meeting the relieved and joyful faces of her friends. Love and happiness filled the air as Snow White and the prince joined hands, their hearts intertwined. A splendid wedding followed, bringing together creatures and folks from every corner of the land. Snow White and her prince ruled with kindness and fairness, their love blossoming with each passing day. In the kingdom, joy and laughter echoed, painting every day with the promise of “happily ever after.”

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