19 July 2024

The Cozy Nest

In the heart of Whoville, under a sky so clear and bright,
Lies a cozy nest, snug and just right.
Close those peepers, kiddo, and tuck in tight,
For a journey we’re set to begin tonight.

The Enchanted Door

Lo and behold, with a soft, gentle creak,
An enchanted door appears, unique and sleek.
Magical it is, with a knob that seems to speak,
“Open me up, for the adventure you seek.”

The Whimsical World

Through that door, oh what a sight,
A world of whimsy, bathed in light.
Together, let’s wander, with all our might,
In lands where dreams and reality unite.

The Sneetches and Their Stars

Once we stepped through that door, what did we see? Sneetches strolling around, as happy as could be. Some had stars on their bellies, others did not, but all of them played together in a beautiful spot. They laughed and they shared, teaching us to care, showing that what’s on the outside doesn’t compare to the heart within, where true friendships start. Oh, what a lesson from the Sneetches with and without stars!

The Zizzer-Zazzer-Zuzz

Not far from the Sneetches, in a field of buzz, we stumbled upon the one and only Zizzer-Zazzer-Zuzz. With its curly fuzz and smile so wide, it greeted us kindly and invited us inside. We talked about kindness, respect, and how to listen, learning that every creature, no matter how small, has a mission. With a hug and a smile, the Zizzer-Zazzer-Zuzz waved goodbye, leaving us richer in heart as we looked to the sky.

The Lorax’s Wisdom

Our next stop was a forest, where Truffula trees swayed. There we found the Lorax, who had much to say. “Nature is precious,” he said with a plea, “we must take care of it, for you and for me.” He showed us the beauty of each tree and bee, urging us to protect them, to let them be free. With a promise to help and to always remember, we thanked the Lorax, our friend and defender.

The Yertle the Turtle’s Kingdom

Off we went to visit Yertle, that turtle king, perched up so high.
He thought he ruled everything he could see, from the dirt to the sky.
But soon we learned, and so did he, that being in charge isn’t just about height.
True leadership comes from being fair and doing what’s right.

Yertle stacked his turtle subjects, one on top of another,
To make his throne taller, not caring for the bother.
But with our help, Yertle saw the light,
Understanding that real strength is being kind, not showing might.

The Horton Hears a Who Moment

Next up, Horton, the elephant, was who we found,
Listening to a speck of dust, not making a sound.
He taught us that no matter how small,
Everyone is important, one and all.

Horton protected the Whos with all his heart,
Believing in them right from the start.
Empathy and belief were his to share,
Showing us that to be truly great, one must care.

The Final Goodnight

Back to our cozy nest, our journey came to a close,
Filled with adventures, from our heads down to our toes.
Snuggle down, dear child, let dreams take flight,
In the magical world we explored tonight.

The Goodnight Song

Now it’s time, the stars shining bright,
For a goodnight song to say goodnight.
Dream of Sneetches, of Horton and of Yertle,
In a world where dreams swirl and twirl.

Close those eyes, and off to sleep,
Into a land of dreams, so deep.
Goodnight, dear child, till the morning light,
In the world of Dr. Seuss, I wish you a good night.

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