21 July 2024


Once upon a time, in a sunny meadow, lived a big, dark vulture and a happy flock of sheep. This meadow was their home, filled with green grass and flowers of every color. While the sheep spent their days playing and eating, the vulture watched from above, known by all as a scavenger who waited for chances to feast.

The vulture had a bit of a reputation, you see. Known to swoop down and grab what he could, he was often seen as greedy. On the flip side, the sheep were known for their gentle nature, always sticking together, which sometimes made them vulnerable.

The Vulture’s Greed

The Vulture’s Plan

One bright morning, as the vulture circled the sky, he spotted the sheep. “Ah, today might just be my lucky day,” he thought, eyeing them with a hungry gaze. In his mind, a plan began to form. “If I can catch one of those sheep, I won’t have to share my meal with anyone!” he plotted, thinking of keeping the entire feast to himself.

The Sheep’s Wise Elder

But, among the sheep, there was a wise old elder who noticed the vulture’s keen interest. This elder, with wool as white as snow and eyes filled with wisdom, had seen many things. He called all the sheep together, saying, “We must think of a way to deal with our friend in the sky.”

The Sheep’s Brilliant Idea

Gathered under the shade of an old oak tree, the sheep brainstormed. “What if, instead of hiding, we invite him to share our meal?” suggested a young lamb bravely. The idea seemed odd at first, but the more they thought about it, the more it made sense. “Yes, let’s show him that by sharing, everyone can be happy,” they agreed. So, the plan was set to outsmart the vulture by offering him a share of their food.

The Power of Sharing and Caring

The Sheep’s Generosity

The next day, as Vicky circled above, ready to make her move, she was met with an unexpected sight. Instead of running in panic, the sheep remained calm. One by one, they pulled up tufts of grass and placed them in a clear spot for her to see. “What’s this? A trap?” she wondered. But curiosity got the better of her. Landing cautiously, she found a pile of fresh grass, offered freely, no strings attached.

The Vulture’s Surprise

Landing among the sheep, he felt out of place. “Why would you share with me?” he asked, genuinely puzzled. The sheep simply smiled. “Because sharing makes everything better,” the wise elder explained. As the vulture tentatively began to eat, he found the meal delicious and the company even more so.

The Unexpected Consequence

Over time, the vulture’s demeanor changed. No longer did he watch over the sheep with greedy eyes. Instead, he became their guardian, watching out for any danger and sharing his sky-high views. The sheep, in turn, continued to share their meadow with him.

This tale of the meadow taught everyone a valuable lesson: Sharing and caring indeed bring unexpected blessings. Through kindness and generosity, even the most unlikely friendships can blossom.

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